Thursday, March 11, 2010

big skies

Recently I flew to Texas for a whirlwind weekend of family, friends, and a wedding! I was able to see all my favorite people in the world that live thousands of miles away. (except of course my hermana who I don't see nearly enough!)
The amazing bride is a fantastic photographer, blogger, and all around stylish lady. I knew her fiesta would be a blast. The photobooth was hilarious, with moustaches and props! We cut out our favorites and glued them to a scrapbook with handwritten messages for the bride & groom. She's so clever!

Aren't they they most dashing couple??

The ceremony was held at Austin's Barr Mansion, the nation's first certified organic events venue which featured the most magnificently restored barn with floating candles, star lanterns, vintage glass lanterns all dangling from the ceiling. The ceremony was outdoors, with paper lanters hung from the giant oak that sheltered the party. As the sun set in the distance while the bride and groom pledged their forever love, I (almost) missed living in Texas.

Kisses for my sweet ladies

I miss my Dani cakes!

Got to meet Miss James's main squeeze

Kim's travel pal and awesome roomie, JJ + silly Oscar

Austin, TX represent!

Kim-possible and Diva Dani, I love you gals!

And with Becca and Luke around, we parties like rock stars!

So Fly
I'm sure more pics will be coming soon on the blog of the Mrs...
Her hairpiece, that dress... the shoes I couldn't even see until she kicked them off for boots, awesome!


  1. haha!! love it! those mustaches are so rad!!

    miss you sweet alice :)

  2. Those are adorable photos! I know the photobooth at a wedding thing is super popular right now, but it's such a good popular, I never want the trend to end.

  3. Love all the photos! Mustaches are so fun!

  4. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this did I miss it?!?

    I love your recap of the day...all the more special reading it 8 months later ;)