Friday, March 26, 2010


"If you don't think that Cherry Blossoms aren't the best thing ever, then I don't want to know you!"
I adore this set on bunbunlife's flickr, not just because of her above quote!
That being said. Yes, I do want to know you. No judgements here!

Well I missed my chance to frolic under the Portland Waterfront's Akebono cherry blossoms. However, all is not lost. April is just around the corner, and let me tell you what that means my friends.... Apple Blossoms!
I foresee tea parties under our ancient flowering apple
as well as bbqs, hammock naps, and candlelit wine-drinking layabouts. This also makes me want to go shopping for new spring outfits to photograph. But truly, I have plenty of dresses and frilly things, so I can just focus on some sweet accessories. Pink lacy handwarmers perhaps.

I just realized I don't have any pictures from last year's apple tree blooming! To be fair, we didn't actually live in the house yet, but we had signed the lease.. and spent a few afternoons there imagining life in this amazing beautiful house.

However. Don't give up on me yet. I did capture some pics under a lovely blossoming tree downtown last week, featuring some handmade fibers.

I suppose if I am going to insist on taking these pictures of myself and my ingenious wardrobe, then I should learn to pose! I always want to put my hands behind my back... hiding their fidgety nature.

boots - etsy
leg warmers - buffalo exchange 
tights - buffalo exchange 
dress - target
belt - buffalo exchange
circle scarf - handmade by me! (yarn - twisted pdx)

*can you tell I work practically next door to buffalo exchange??


sidewalk of portland
me and my sweet

new fingerless glove
Okay, funny story. Clearly this is one glove. If I had knit two, you'd definitely be seeing both, artfully arranged for your viewing pleasure. As Travis and I drove up the Pacific coast, seeking Vancouver and his one-year old niece's party, I furiously finished knitting the second! Excitedly, I tried it on before darning in the loose ends... only to then realize it was the left hand. Another. Left. Hand. Glove.
Couple this funny story with a not so funny story of Travis and Alice arriving to Mt Vernon, resting on Ma & Pa Puckett's couch and realizing... no passports were packed in the leaving of this trip. Yes. Double doozy. Although both had nifty solutions.

Solution #1 - have roomate FAX copy of passport & birth certificate. Discover border patrol actually understand that sometimes, when you are going to a birthday party, things get left behind.

Solution #2 - buy more yarn! So this means I have two sets of beautiful gloves. And since the first pair is for my sissy (shhh!) we get to have matching magical gloves! Yayyy

And that is the end of this tale. Thanks for reading loves.


  1. Ah, I love this post! And tell me that you live in that beauty of a house pictured above? That's gorgeous!
    (and it it makes you feel better, I crocheted mittens once and did the same mistake...!)

  2. Oh yes! Those are some of my roommates, and fantastic boyfriend diggin in the dirt. We were super lucky find this house (craigslist!) and will probably stick around for another year :)

  3. i LOVE your outfit!! yay i can't wait for more model alice pics!

    and that is pretty funny about your BC trip...goobies :)

  4. fantastic outfit lady! your house is supercute too.