Thursday, March 18, 2010

hi, how are you?

Confession: I have a horrible, unnatural, unexplainable phobia of needles. I am ok at the dentist, I just close my eyes and breathe. But for some reason it is impossible at the doctor. I panic, cry, and freak out. I have plans to undergo hypnosis and they even prescribed anti-anxiety pills so I will go in and get my tetanus booster. But I keep seeming to find excuses not to.

Unsurprisingly, I do not have any tattoos. Living in Austin, a super creative and half naked city (oh Barton Springs, I miss you so) there were many tattoos to be admired. I remember one shop girl at my favorite local boutique that had this cap sleeve pattern on her shoulder. It was red ink, and just the outline of a floral, leafy pattern. I don't know if she planned to fill it in, but I found it perfect in its simplicity. Its always been the idea of what I would get if I grew the cojones.

This ramble was sparked by Elsie's post yesterday, featuring this awesome, Austin-y tattoo.

Melissa's tattoos are adorable

And who hasn't seen  Amanda Wachob incredible work here or there yet?

And while Amanda's work appeals to the painters, Jessica Hische is the modern wonder woman for all of us typophiles...

But the club I really want to join is the Jill Bliss tattoo club.

Maybe this guy on my back?

An octopus on my tummy

or some succulents on my thigh

artwork from {jill bliss}

So... perhaps. Someday. 


  1. I am deathly afraid of needles, too - I pass out or faint at the sight of them, in movies or cartoons and most definitely in real life. But the tattoo gun didn't scare me at all, surprisingly! i made sure to note that she used a brand new needle, but took care not to actually look at it, especially while she was tattooing - which was easy since i couldn't look very well in the position i was lying in. And in the end, it didn't feel like needles at all - but more like someone dragging a sharp fingernail hard against your skin (and since i tattooed my ribs, the worst part was it feeling like the most intense heartburn i've ever had).

  2. the octopus is amazing! but i am with ya on the needlephobia...there's always temp tattoos ;)

  3. LOVE your blog! Found you via kate of knitlit. The tattoos by Amanda Wachob are Incredible - I've never seen anything like them. The only thing that keep s me from getting a tattoo is picturing myself when I am old and wrinkly and let myself go; a tattoo isn't such a pleasant sight then!

  4. oh dear, i'm with you on the needle thing.
    i never realised quite how bad i was until recently when i was getting blood taken and it took nearly 45mins for them to calm me down and in the end four people had to hold me....and they told me they had never seen anything like it - and they do this every day!

    so i'll just look at the pretty tattoo's and admire!

  5. i love all of these tattoos...i just got a couple of new ones a few weeks ago - still waiting to get that big piece on my side we talked about :)

    i just love ink! more more more!! :)

    (i'm not addicted...i promise)

    and alice i think you can do it...especially if you're getting one on your back, you don't have to look at it!