Thursday, April 22, 2010


Recycling and reusing are integral parts of creating a better tomorrow, but its not until we begin to reThink, reFeel, and reLearn how to better support our roots that real change will occur.

Anodea Judith writes in her novel, Waking the Global Heart,
"In preparing for a cultural rebirth,  it is essential to understand the archetypal dynamics of our original birth... To live in the severity of Ice Age conditions, and hunt dangerious animals, was to understand the unequivocal power of Mother Nature. She was the Mother that provided everything - but Her rules were not to be trifled with. Breaking the rules could threaten a tribe's magical relationship with its surroundings, hence its survival. She was All."

Humanity evolved from dependent infants to curious toddlers, then independent children playing king of the hill. We find ourselves insecure yet willfully independent adolescents, self sufficient, yet haven't progressed beyond the self-absorption which is blind to the detriment of those affected by one's own actions.

In 2008 over half of America voted for Change. A charismatic man swept up in the bold energy of this country promised to embody this principle. The problem is not with the characters of the drama but the screenplay. We need to empower ourselves with the knowledge that a broken system must evolve. We cannot subsist through hate and dissent. America is not a two party political game, but a vibrant, diverse community.

So today, look around you. On the bus, in the park, in line at the grocery store. Honor the people that share your life. Find yourself interested in their path, how many steps it took for them to be in this very moment, now sharing their energy with you. What kind of energy are you sharing? All your life has prepared you for right now, and you are perfect.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Bravo! Well said. I'm glad there are people like you, because somedays all the ignorance in this world really depresses me :(