Friday, April 23, 2010

28 years young

The peony my mom sent me for my birthday last year is growing fast this spring, but sure isn't going to have any blooms like this one in time for my bday!


This year I requested some home video DVDs from Dad. Ever the techie man in the family, always fixing grandma's VCR, he hauled around the massive video camera for family beach trips, holidays, birthdays, and regular ol' backyard shenanigans. Watching old home videos is one of my sister's and my favorite things to do when we all get together over the holidays.

 Dad's Pentax was a beaut... I love the rounded edges from the photographs, and the vintage colors. There is something lacking with the digital life of our photos... I suppose with technology such as iPads and iPhones making photos available at all times, digital photos are more accessible these days. But something about received a fat package of printed memories is so unique.

Oh and did you know I love skirts? Yup. Still do.
Now where did I put that awesome straw hat?


  1. aw, those photos are too cute! hope your bday was lovely!

  2. alice you are now and were then just about the cutest thing ever. i totally agree that something is lost in digital photos. i feel there is more to be seen in a film photo - and not knowing what it looks like till it's printed is a most exciting thing!

    hope you have a spectacular birthday - you deserve it :)

  3. I love the colouring of old photos too, they have a charm you can't get with digital. You were a very well accessorized kid - awesome mickey ears :)
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Yikes, crap! I reread this post like 3 times looking for the clue as to when your birthday was/is, but it was ambiguous. So I'm going to wish you a Happy Birthday, but early, because I think I've pieced that it's not QUITE your birthday, but just about. Unless it happened over the weekend, because as you can see, I'm commenting rather late. So in that case, Happy belated! And Happy early!

  5. Thanks loves! The big day was the 24th :)

  6. Hope your videos get there today. Glad you had a fun birthday!
    Love, Dad