Friday, April 16, 2010

13 hour yoga

{halasana by  gosia janik }

My first weekend of One Song's yoga teacher training began today! 6:15 am... wow I was proud of myself biking across the east side in the dusky dawn. Traffic sure was nice! Just me and dump trucks out there.

Before lunch we had a self-led practice and I really pushed myself. I was feeling great and my mind raced with possibilites. Utkataskana to Parvritta parskvakonasana, then taking a bind (my shoulder is on ice now...) Also did a little trikonasna to ardha chandrasana, then revolving to twisted half moon, then lifting up to Virabhadrasana 3. Did my headstand series with some garudasana legs, using a hanuman leg transition. After our potluck on the waterfront, the afternoon was devoted to discussions of Injury Prevention, sequencing, and other yogi things.

Then the day ended with one of Denise's signature vinyasa classes... my bike ride home was slow going. But the amazing explosion of colors on the street is out of control! The dogwoods are blooming, pink and white. The bluebells are coating garden beds, and azaleas and rhododendrons are a solid swath of fuschia and violet. Just check out local photographer Abby's flickr!! *love*

{flowers via abbytrysagain}

Have an amazing weekend!
My freshly planted seeds are sprouting! Leading the race are arugula, lettuce and the wildflowers! I'll take some pics to document their growth.


  1. :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend, friend!
    And thanks for the photo love!

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend!! can't wait to see the pics of your sprouting garden!